Updated for 2012 Tax Year

The Network Marketer's Tax Guide Will Show You Every Legal Tax Saving Technique Available to the Network Marketer...

Which could save you thousands of dollars...

Warning -- Not knowing just one of these  tax saving techniques could be costing you a fortune come tax time each year.

Network Marketing can be a tremendous benefit to your bottom line tax bill.   Not knowing what you can and can't deduct? Don't know the myths from the facts?

Then - this is definitely a book you must have. 

If you'd like to lower your taxes, give yourself an automatic risk-free raise and avoid the wrath of the IRS, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:

You are giving thousands of dollars of your hard earned money away  every year.  But now you can quickly and easily learn how to keep every penny that you deserve, from a licensed professional that is a Network Marketer just like you.

Network Marketing & Tax Expert Tim Barrans walks you through each of the many lucrative tax advantages you can legally claim as a home based business owner.

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Let me give you three good reasons why my book will be beneficial to you the Network Marketer:

  • Reason One:  A licensed tax preparer with 25 years of in the trenches experience with helping small and home-based entrepreneurs just like you save money on their taxes.
  • Reason Two: I don't just read the tax code and make recommendations that my clients have to live with, I am a home-based business owner myself and I've tested all of my concepts myself.  I have also gone through a three year audit and come out owing nothing.  No theory here.  I also have over 12 years experience & success in Network Marketing.
  • Reason Three: Tim earns a six-figure annual income and keeps 83% of it.


Don't just take my word for it.
Listen to what our customers say.

"When I contacted you, I had a major tax problem.  My accountant informed me that, after doing my taxes, my income tax bill was over $30,000.  You agreed to help me and then analyzed all of my tax records to determined what was being overlooked.  Quite frankly, I was amazed at how thorough you were when you reviewed my records.  Then, using completely legal and legitimate tax saving techniques, you were able turn a sizable tax bill into a nice refund.  Tim, I have decided to have you review all of my future tax filings and I have fired my accountant.  Tim, you are a genius.  Thanks again for your help in this matter."  Don G. , Miami, Florida

"I could not imagine that my military staff would enjoy a tax seminar. After reading Tim's book and hearing him do several seminars via conference call, I invited Tim to come to Okinawa Japan and conduct a tax seminar. People are still talking about the savings that they are earning from his insights. I have since moved to Las Vegas and had Tim come and do seminars for my business partners and prepare their taxes.  Tim does the work and I become the hero with my team.  It has also given my business a real boost. Having this knowledge has helped me show others why they would want to add a home business to their already busy lives. I want to keep all of my hard earned money and Tim has shown me how to keep almost all of it."   - Mike F., Las Vegas Nevada

 Here is a chapter by chapter look at all of the tax savings tips (meaning more cash in your pocket).

Chapter 1 -- 
- an overview from the business beginner to the seasoned expert.  All the background you'll need in order to feel confident in maximizing your tax savings.  

  • How to properly document all of your information to maximize your deductions and make the IRS happy.
  • How to distinguish between a business and a hobby – the 9 specific criteria you must follow to protect yourself.
  • Is it deductible? – the cut to the chase bottom line criteria on what you can and can't deduct.

Chapter 2 --
- one of the most lucrative and most misunderstood deductions. 

  • You'll learn how you can legally convert thousands of dollars of your existing expenses into business deductions simply by working out of your home office. 
  • Home business deduction myths revealed – don’t let myths and false information keep you from saving thousands of dollars that should be in your family’s pocket.
  • What exactly you can include in the home business deduction.
  • How to layout your home to maximize your home business deduction.
  • How to use your home office to maximize your auto expense deductions.

Chapter 3 --
- imagine being able to deduct over 40 cents for every single mile you drive. If you drive 10,000 business miles in a year that is over $4000 in deductions... and you would be amazed at how many miles you can legally deduct.  Here are some things you will learn:

  • How to get the government pay for 25-60% of your new car purchase.
  • How to make money while driving your car – turn your vehicle into a tax deduction instead of a money pit.
  • How to choose between the confusing mileage percentage deduction and the mileage cost deduction methods.  

Chapter 4 --
- did you know that you can put your kids to work in your business, and save $$$$+ a year on your taxes?  You can s
top giving your kids an allowance and start giving them a salary.  You'll get a huge tax break and build their self esteem at the same time.  Have them pay their own way to the movies and get enough tax savings for yourself so you can treat yourself to a weekend at the spa or season’s tickets to your favorite sports team.

Chapter 5 --
- one of the biggest pains for the self-employed, Tim has made it extremely easy for you.

Chapter 6 --
- how to retire earlier with more money then you thought possible.   If you do it right, you can still get the government to help you fund your retirement, except you’ll be living the abundant life of a millionaire, not the life of a pauper forced to get by on a paltry social security check. 

Chapter 7 --
- how to eat out, go to the movies and legally write it off on your taxes. It is like a 18% discount on every meal. It only takes 30 seconds... However if you do it incorrectly, which most people do, it could cause you major problems. You don’t want to miss this one.

Chapter 8 --
OFFICE FURNITURE AND OTHER ITEMS YOU USE IN YOUR BUSINESS - Important information and tips when it comes to writing off your computer, desk, printer and other items. 

  • If you buy a $1000 sofa and put it in your family room, it costs you $1000. Put the same sofa in your office, and the IRS pays for upwards of $300 of it.
  • How to set yourself up with an amazing home office and get $24,000 in deductions.
  • Upgrade to the latest technology and deduct it all!
  • Can you deduct your investment expenses as business expenses?  The answer may surprise you.

Chapter 9 --
- Often missed, learn how to make sure you don't create an audit flag using this deduction.

Chapter 10 --
- Yes, finally a book that also discusses Canadian Tax issues in relationship to the U.S. tax code.

Chapter 11 --
OTHER EXPENSES INCLUDING POSTAGE AND SUPPLIES - Dozens of other items that are tax deductible, many of which you probably never have thought of.  You also get an 18 item checklist of seemingly minor business expenses, which if overlooked, are likely costing you $2,000-$10,000 in missed tax deductions.

Chapter 12 --
- Home ownership has soared in the US, this chapter will discuss all of the benefits that are not taken when you own a home.

Chapter 13 --
- Along with home purchases comes home sales, make sure you read this chapter to take full advantage of every tax break or tax trap when selling your home.

Chapter 14 --
- How to write off part of your family vacation as a tax deduction. That is the same as a 30% discount right off the top of the cost of the trip... you could fly in first class and stay in the luxury suite with that kind of savings!  Plus details on the second "vacation" home!

Chapter 15 --
- Yep, how you can even deduct these items legally. You would be amazed at all of the legal tax deductions there are. They can add up very quickly.  Every Network Marketer needs to understand the implications of this chapter.

Chapter 16 --
- There are special circumstances when it comes to deducting your phone expenses.  Be sure to read this chapter to not get caught in some common traps.

Chapter 17 --
Filling this out each year is easier than you think with Tim's help. Or if you always have your accountant prepare your taxes, this information can save you a bundle in accountant fees.

Chapter 18 --
- If you plan on making money in Network Marketing you need to understand estimated taxes, it comes with the territory.

Chapter 19 --
- How to classify all of your receipts into the proper categories. Especially helpful if you are not a natural accountant.

Chapter 20 --
- Critical advice if you are just starting your business. And even better advice if you ever plan to sell your business.  Business structures that can save you thousands or just as easily break your heart and your bank account if you’re not careful.

Chapter 21 --
- One of the most over looked deductions.  Includes a "thrift store" deduction calculator

Chapter 22 --
- This chapter alone will make the book worth everything you spend plus a whole lot more.  Don't give away all of your hard earned investment dollars.

Chapter 23 --
- Educate yourselves on the basic of this critical tax strategy.  If you wait to learn about 1031's after the fact, you lose the deduction and a lot of money to the IRS

Chapter 24 --
-  Learn where you can get great tax help, IRS Forms and Publications, Tim's tax preparations for Network Marketer's, Network Marketing Tax Coaching.


A message from the author....

"For the past 25 years, I have been an entrepreneur just like you.  As I started building my business, I quickly realized that I had to learn everything I could about keeping my money or I would give it all away to Uncle Sam. I went to tax school and became licensed, not to necessarily do taxes but rather to bring an entrepreneurial approach to taxes. Over the last few years, I have been able to earn a six figure income and still have enough business write-offs to not have to pay a majority of it in taxes. My e-book, "The Network Marketer's Tax Guide", will help any taxpayer save thousands every year on their taxes. If you are not putting into place the business strategies described in my book, then you are just flat out giving your money away."   -- Tim Barrans - Network Marketing Tax Consultant

I know "The Network Marketer's Tax Guide" is exactly what you will want to help you with your tax questions and needs. And at the extremely low price of only $67 you can start using it immediately.  Plus receive all of the bonuses listed above.

Yes, that is right, download the e-book, use it and if it does not live up to your high standards let me know and I will give you a full refund. No hard feelings. 

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 


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